High Times award winners

Massachusetts 2022 High Times cup winners announced

High Times held a virtual awards ceremony to announce the winners of the Cannabis Cup Massachusetts: People’s Choice 2022. The competition included 13 categories, 45 competing brands, 175 entries, and 2,200 judge kits distributed across MA through 30 retailers. This was the second High Times cup to take place in Massachusetts. The awards ceremony was live streamed on the High Times Facebook Page and is also available to watch on YouTube.

Indica Flower

  • 1st Place: Runtz Og from Northeast Alternatives
  • 2nd Place: Animal Face from Rythm
  • 3rd Place: Katsu Bubba from Cloud Cover

Sativa Flower

  • 1st Place: Super Lemon Haze from Happy Valley
  • 2nd Place: Liberty Haze from Bailey’s Buds
  • 3rd Place: Guicy Banger from Nature’s Heritage

Hybrid Flower

  • 1st Place: End Game Cookies from Happy Valley
  • 2nd Place: Animal Zkittlez from NETA
  • 3rd Place: Afternoon Delight #4 from Rythm


  • 1st Place: Triple Monster Infused Pre-Roll from Triple M
  • 2nd Place: Sundaze Dr. Lime #10 Infused Blunt from Southie Adams
  • 3rd Place: End Game Cookies pre-roll from Happy Valley


  • 1st Place: California Raisins Live Rosin from Treeworks & Smash Hits Cannabis
  • 2nd Place: White Wedding Live Hash Rosin from Happy Valley
  • 3rd Place: Apple Kugel Live Rosin from Garden Remedies

Distillate Vapes

  • 1st Place: Super Pure Runtz Vape from Church & Pressure Pack
  • 2nd Place: Berry Haze Vape from Fernway
  • 3rd Place: Skywalker Vape from Rove

Non-Distillate Vapes

  • 1st Place: Golden Bough Live Resin Vape from Sticky Fish
  • 2nd Place: Mac1 Live Rosin Vape from Origyn
  • 3rd Place: Cake Crasher Live Rosin Vape from Treeworks & 253Farmacy

Sativa Gummies

  • 1st Place: Strawverry Lemonade X-Cell Sativa Gummies from Happy Valley
  • 2nd Place: Watermellon Jolt Solventless Infused Sativa Bites from Hashables
  • 3rd Place: Focus Citrus Sativa Hummies from Treeworks

Indica Gummies

  • 1st Place: Snoozzzeberry Indica Gummies from Incredibles
  • 2nd Place: Sour Grape Sangria Indica RSO Gummies from Cannatini
  • 3rd Place: Passionfruit Paradise Indica Gummies from Kanha

Fruity Non-Gummies

  • 1st Place: Sour Watermelon Fruit Cews from Smokiez
  • 2nd Place: Infused Honey Sticks from Muncheas by Green Gold Group
  • 3rd Place: Raspberry Lemon Infused Fruit Chews from Hi-Burst

Chocolate Non-Gummies

  • 1st Place: Chocolate Macarons from Muncheas by Green Gold Group
  • 2nd Place: Double Caramel Sea Salt from INSA
  • 3rd Place: Key Lime Pie Chocolate Bar from Nova Farms


  • 1st Place: Raspberry Lemonade X-Cell Nano Stir Stix from Happy Valley
  • 2nd Place: Pomegranate Blueberry Acai Energizing Drink Mix from Vibrations
  • 3rd Place: Juicy Mango Seltzer from Wynk

Topicals, Tinctures, and Capsules

  • 1st Place: Blueberry Entourage Jungle Drops from Treeworks
  • 2nd Place: Cooling 1:1 Balm from NETA
  • 3rd Place: Muscle Gel from The Pass

Find the 2022 High Times Massachusetts Cup full awards show video on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soI57XcJApw