Police say over 70 pounds of cannabis were found

Man arrested with over 70 pounds of cannabis after leaving court

Yves Duboc from Biddeford, Maine appeared at Newburyport District Court twice in one day to face charges of driving with a suspended license and illegal marijuana possession. In the morning Duboc was arraigned and as a condition of his released was ordered not to operate a vehicle until he obtained a valid drivers license. After leaving the courthouse Massachusetts State Police say that Trooper Michael Provost observed Duboc entering the drivers seat of a Toyota SUV and driving away.

Trooper Provost placed Duboc under arrest for operating a vehicle without a drivers license. Police say that during a search of the car Trooper Provost found two duffel bags filled with marijuana and five large jars of THC oil. Duboc was in possession over 70 pounds of marijuana flower and 20 pounds of marijuana extracts according to police. Duboc was driven back to Newburyport District Court to face new charges of unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and trafficking of marijuana.

Find the full story from NBC Boston here: https://www.nbcboston.com/news/local/maine-man-arrested-for-leaving-mass-court-in-suv-full-of-marijuana/2760871/