Betty's Eddies Orange You Beautiful Fruit Chews

REVIEW: Betty’s Eddies Orange You Beautiful Cannabis-Infused Fruit Chews

In our cannabis journey this week, NEC News Today sought out a unique edible product we had heard good things about. Betty’s Eddies fruit chews we had heard were quite tasty and so we set out to locate them. We ventured to the Ascend Cannabis Dispensary in Newton, Massachusetts and made our purchase.

Betty’s Eddies is a product produced by ARL Healthcare in the Commonwealth with its own retail store under the brand Panacea Wellness in Middleborough Massachusetts. As we found out, they also wholesale the product throughout the state. The Betty’s Eddies Website linked here will help you locate the product near you:

The Review

These fruit chews were really good with no cannabis aftertaste in the 5 milligram variety. The package contained 10 chews with a package total of 50mg of THC. Once we had one, we wanted more immediately because of how good they were. It immediately smells like a fresh orange peel when you open the package and the citrus taste is very pleasant. It had a taffy consistency allowing one to truly savor the flavor of the product. The effects came on slowly like other edibles creating a very nice experience. The orange flavor in these chews was well done with just the right amount of sweetness.

Packaging was cute and provided a plethora of information on the product. Individually wrapped chews was a very nice touch with the all important THC warning printed on each wrapper.

We had heard good things about these chews and we now know they are really good based on our own experience and are definitely worth checking out. There were a variety of other flavors available including elderberry and passion fruit at the dispensary we were in. We may do future reviews on those other flavors soon because of how good the orange ones were. Now for the photos.

Betty’s Eddies Exterior Packaging

Betty’s Eddies Wrappers

The Orange You Beautiful Fruit Chew

The Ascend Cannabis Dispensary in Newton Massachusetts Exterior

For more information on where to obtain Betty’s Eddies in Massachusetts, New England, and throughout the USA please visit:

Please Note: This review is not a paid advertisement. The Betty’s Eddies Orange You Beautiful Fruit Chews were purchased at full price plus tax legally in the Commonwealth. NEC News Today will not receive any financial benefit from providing this review about Betty’s Eddies.