Holyoke cannabis delivery company opens

BlazeXpress begins delivering cannabis from Holyoke

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held this week to launch the start of a new local business in western Massachusetts. BlazeXpress in Holyoke is the business of a social equity program participant that received their commence operations notice from the Cannabis Control Commission on February 17th. The company is a delivery operator which allows them to make wholesale purchases of cannabis directly from licensed producers and sell those products to consumers via home delivery. BlazeXpress is now one of six cannabis delivery operators in Massachusetts. In total there are 14 total adult-use cannabis delivery businesses currently operational. According to reporting from WWLP, the ribbon cutting ceremony for BlazeXpress was attended by Holyoke Mayor Joshua Garcia to wish the company great success.

Find the full story from WWLP on their website here: https://www.wwlp.com/news/local-news/blazexpress-in-holyoke-opens-marijuana-delivery-service/

Learn more about BlazeXpress by visiting their website here: https://blazexpress.com/