Blue River Event at Summit Lounge

Blue River announces ‘Experienced’ party in Worcester June 9th

Blue River™ is hosting an “Experienced Party” in Worcester, Massachusetts in celebration of the upcoming 7/10 holiday. Tony Verzura, CEO of Blue River™, will show off his solventless cannabis products for guests to try. Those who attend can also listen to Tony speak about the future of Blue River™ in Massachusetts. The event will be held at Summit Lounge, a members only club that allows for the onsite consumption of marijuana . According to the announcement the event will feature food and music, along with terps, flowers, dabs, vape, live Terp-N-Dots infused ice cream, a new water soluble rosin capsule, and “unicorn tasting of Blue River™ Popping Boba.”

The event will be held from 6-8pm. Tickets are available online. General admission is $25. This event is for adults 21 years or older. Guests can also grab the latest Blue River™ apparel, hats, pins, and stickers at the event.

For tickets and more event information visit the event page here: