2023 Boston Freedom Rally on September 16th

2023 Boston Freedom Rally planned for September 16th

For many decades, Boston Common has come alive in mid-September, made possible by the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition, the host of the annual Boston Freedom Rally. This event is known as one of the largest and oldest annual public gatherings for cannabis in the nation. This year, MassCann invites cannabis enthusiasts and members of the curious public to join in a day of celebration and enlightenment, with this year’s rally focused around the phrase, “Knowledge is Power.” Those who are interested are encouraged to visit, the event is free to attend.

This year’s Boston Freedom Rally is slated for Saturday, September 16th, between noon and 8pm on the iconic Boston Common. While Boston local regulations prohibit smoking of any kind within the park, and state law prohibits the public use of cannabis, this celebration is known for its attendees peacefully engaging in civil disobedience, sitting on the grass, and smoking some grass with friends. The rally offers an enriching experience with lively music, vendors, all kinds of food, and an atmosphere that is unparalleled in the city of Boston.

Learn more about the 2023 Boston Freedom Rally by visiting the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition website here: https://www.masscann.org/the-boston-freedom-rally/