Website uses woman's home address to conduct cannabis delivery scam

Cannabis scam uses Boston family’s home address on website

A Boston resident is speaking out after several individuals have shown up on her doorstep looking for marijuana. She learned that her address is listed on a website that claims to be a cannabis delivery service. Customers report paying online for cannabis to be delivered only for the products to never arrive. The Better Business Bureau has warned consumers in recent months about an increase in websites that target cannabis users by pretending to be a dispensary or delivery service. According to reporting from WCVB, the Cannabis Control Commission helped confirm that the entity and website are not legitimate. The Attorney General’s office is also reportedly looking into the situation. Better Business Bureau recommends never paying for cannabis in advance using third party apps like Venmo or Cash App and to verify that the business is legitimate beyond the ratings listed on Google or Yelp.

Find the full story from WCVB on their website here:

Check out the Cannabis Control Commission’s license tracker to help verify if a business is legitimate or not: