Cannabis bills filed at Massachusetts state house

Dozens of cannabis bills submitted on Beacon Hill

Several bills to reform laws around cannabis in Massachusetts were submitted before the deadline to sponsor legislation last week. The topics range from employment protections for individuals who use cannabis outside of the workplace, reciprocity in the Massachusetts medical marijuana program, and establishing labor peace agreements between cannabis establishments and labor organizations. Last year the Massachusetts legislature passed an omnibus cannabis bill that reformed community host agreements, established funding for grants and loans to be administered to provide start-up capital to equity businesses, and clarified the local process to authorize on-site cannabis consumption. Legislators have not yet been appointed to their committees. If history is any guide, it will take some time before any hearings are scheduled with the Joint Committee of Cannabis Policy.

Check out the full list of “cannabis” bills filed this legislative session on the Massachusetts legislature website here:

For bills with the keyword “marijuana” filed this legislative session check out the Massachusetts legislature website here: