Warning Sign

Commission issues health warning about ingredient in edible product

The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission issued a health warning about the potential health issues related to Corydalis yanhusuo. In July officials in Colorado made the public aware of the ingredient after receiving multiple reports of adverse health events, including potential livery injury, related to the consumption of 1906 Midnight Drops. In Massachusetts the Commission says that they have also received a similar report from a healthcare provider related to the 1906 Midnight Drops.

The Commission says that they are currently investigating this ingredient, including one of its alkaloids, tetrahydropalmatine (THP) to protect public health, safety, and welfare. The Commission has not issued a product recall at this time. The bulletin was meant to inform the public about the potential health risks and the Commission’s active and ongoing investigation.

Find the full story from Patch here: https://patch.com/massachusetts/worcester/ccc-warns-cannabis-product-sold-ma-could-be-harmful

Read the bulletin from the Cannabis Control Commission here: https://masscannabiscontrol.com/2022/08/cannabis-control-commission-opens-investigation-into-marijuana-products-containing-corydalis-yanhusuo-issues-precautionary-bulletin/