Marijuana smell can end your road exam

Cannabis odor can end your Massachusetts driving test

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles has announced that anyone taking a road test will need to bring their own vehicle for the exam beginning May 2, 2022. According to the announcement if the applicant, sponsor, or vehicle smells like cannabis the RMV will automatically end the road test. During the pandemic RMV utilized vehicles that were loaned from the MassDOT Highway Division. This allowed individuals to take the road test using a safe and sanitized vehicle that was maintained by the RMV. The contract between the RMV and MassDOT is set to expire on April 29th.

Anyone taking a road test will need to need to bring a sponsor, a vehicle in good working condition with a valid registration, inspection sticker, and several other requirements. Despite the legality of cannabis a new rule makes it clear that the odor of cannabis is listed as one of the reasons that the RMV can automatically end a driving test. This includes the odor of cannabis emanating from clothing or from inside the vehicle. Rescheduling a future road test would be the responsibility of the applicant.

Find the full press release from the Registry of Motor Vehicles here: