Great Barrington votes against cannabis restrictions

A proposal to further limit where marijuana businesses can locate in Great Barrington was defeated by a vote of residents at a recent town meeting. A group of local residents wanted to raise the local buffer zone from 200 feet to 500 feet and prevent any cannabis establishments from locating in a residential zone. Michelle Loubert pitched the proposal as a way for the community to achieve the expectation that residents have to live in quiet neighborhoods that are free from odor, glare, noise and other impacts caused by commercial activity.

The proposal was criticized by member of the select board Ed Abrahams. He explained that a blanket ban on cannabis establishments within residential zoning would make all farm land unusable. “Every farm in Great Barrington in a residential district.” Abrahams also felt that the buffer zone, noise, and odor restrictions were beyond reasonable. A two-thirds majority was needed to pass the proposal but with 66 yes votes and 90 in opposition the proposal did not pass. Great Barrington currently has five adult-use cannabis dispensaries in operation.

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