Better Business Journal publishes warning about fake dispensary scams

BBB warns New England about cannabis scams

The Better Business Bureau has published information on their website to help cannabis consumers and patients avoid dispensary scams, which have been on the rise according to the non-profit organization. Recreational sales have recently launched in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont making New England a perfect target for dispensary scams. On their website the Better Business Journal has put together some tips on how to detect cannabis dispensary scams. They recommend not paying for services or products before you receive them, research a business before making a purchase, and use apps like digital wallets with caution. In many cases these scams involve “so-called” dispensaries that ask customers to pay for their order using a digital wallet like Zelle or CashApp and charge extra fees for options like delivery. These kinds of scams have been reported in states such as Massachusetts, New York, and Colorado.

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