5 members needed for Massachusetts cannabis equity advisory board

Applications for Cannabis Social Equity Advisory Board now open

It was announced this week that the Massachusetts Governor, Attorney General, and Treasurer are looking for individuals to serve on a newly created advisory board. The Cannabis Equity Advisory Board was created by the legislature to consult with the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development on the administration of the Cannabis Social Equity Trust Fund. The fund was designed to provide grants and loans to equity entrepreneurs such as certified economic empowerment priority applicants and social equity program participants to start cannabis businesses.

The Equity Advisory Board consists of five individuals that each serve a five year term. The application states that equity advisory board members must be from, or have experience advocating for, areas of disproportionate impact. The Governor, Attorney General, and Treasurer each get to appoint one member on their own. The remaining two members may be appointed by a majority vote of the Governor, Attorney General, and Treasurer. The Chair must have experience in the cannabis industry, while other members will have expertise in finance, commercial lending, or in business development. Interested parties are asked to send a letter of interest and resume by November 1, 2022.

Find the full announcement from Treasurer Deb Goldberg’s office here: