Maine medical cannabis testing data

Caregivers respond to Maine’s medical cannabis contamination report

Maine’s Office of Cannabis Policy made headlines when it revealed that about 45% of the medical cannabis samples, submitted voluntarily as part of a study, were found to be contaminated with pesticides, molds, or microbes. Unlike the recreational industry, medical cannabis in Maine is not required to undergo testing, raising significant concerns for some regarding the safety of its use, especially for those relying on it for severe medical conditions. According to reporting from WMTW, caregivers, such as Sean Wyatt of Elevate Maine, affirm the safety of their products, stating their samples are meeting all safety standards in tests.

The medical cannabis market has been operating safely since its inception in 1999 and it is believed by some that these results do not portray an accurate representation of the entire industry’s product safety. Conversations about introducing mandatory testing for medical cannabis have been ongoing, in an effort to prioritize patient safety and mirroring the rules in place for the recreational program. However, the debate over testing lab inaccuracies and the increased need for more accredited labs also comes into play.

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