Kali Cannabis in Palmer

Palmer dispensary owner arrested on drug trafficking charges

Questions surround the future of an adult-use cannabis dispensary in Palmer after an owner in the company was recently arrested on drug trafficking charges. Police call Evans Klimavich, a co-owner of Kali Cannabis, an alleged co-conspirator in an enterprise that was trafficking cocaine and marijuana. According to reporting from The Reminder, when officers searched the home of Klimavich they claim to have discovered at least one kilogram of cocaine, roughly $50,000 in cash, 50 pounds of marijuana, and hundreds of vape cartridges. Kali Cannabis has a provisional license to operate a cannabis dispensary in Palmer with Evans Klimavich and Suzanne Melanson listed as the only two individuals associated with the company according to paperwork on the Cannabis Control Commission website. It’s unclear at this time whether the charges will impact the future of the project.

Find the full story from The Reminder on their website here: https://www.thereminder.com/localnews/palmer/kali-cannabis-co-owner-arrested-faces-trafficking-/