New Hampshire Governor dismisses legalization on Bill Maher

New Hampshire Governor Sununu dismisses legalization in interview

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu dismissed cannabis legalization during an interview on the popular HBO talk show Real Time with Bill Maher. When host Bill Maher asked why the state, known for its “live free or die” motto, does not hold that view when it comes to legalized marijuana, Sununu’s response lacked substance. Sununu’s only response was to ask who calls it “pot” anymore. New Hampshire has fallen behind other states in reforming their marijuana laws. Governor Sununu has been vocal opponent against cannabis legalization. The granite state is the only New England state that has not already legalized adult-use cannabis. In response Bill Maher quipped that he knows a lot more about marijuana than Governor Sununu and that the term “pot” is still how many cannabis users continue to refer to marijuana.

Check out a segment of the interview between Governor Sununu on Real Time with Bill Maher here: