Cannabis public safety for 4/20

Commission uses social media to promote 4/20 safety

In Massachusetts the Cannabis Control Commission sent out an email to announce that each week this month they will be giving health and safety tips to remind everyone who celebrates 4/20 to do so responsibly this month. For the first week of this campaign the Commission is reminding consumers to properly store their marijuana edibles away from children and pets, as the edibles can mistaken for regular food or candy. The Commission suggests storing your cannabis in a safe and secure place with clear labels and child-resistant packaging.

They also warned consumers about the dangers of home extraction of cannabis concentrates using flammable gasses like butane or propane. Some of the difficulties that come along with making your own edibles or growing your own cannabis are highlighted. For many, home cultivation is a cost effective way to access cannabis. Do what works best for you.

Check out the Commission’s Instagram page for more posts this April: