Lawmakers strike a balance and attempt to create cannabis Commission to study state-run model

NH lawmakers look to create Commission to study state-run cannabis

State lawmakers in New Hampshire have come together in attempt to explore the feasibility of a cannabis industry run by the state. Governor Sununu stated that he supports a state-run cannabis stores similar to how the state’s alcohol industry runs after attempts to legalize cannabis and establish a commercial cannabis industry have repeatedly failed in the Senate.

According to reporting from Marijuana Moment, a conference committee recently announced a proposal to establish a Commission that would study the feasibility of setting up the model that the Governor supports. In establishing the Commission, lawmakers are seeking a draft that can be advanced in the near future so that they don’t rush into a state-run model if it isn’t feasible. No other state in the United States has set up a system where the state would be the distributor of cannabis at the point of sale.

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