Cannabis consumption sites in Connecticut may be coming to more towns

Cannabis consumption spot sparks discussion in CT town

In Connecticut the Board of Selectmen in Greenwich recently met to discuss the requirement under state law for public consumption areas to consume cannabis. The law legalizing adult-use cannabis in Connecticut requires municipalities with more than 50,000 residents to allow public consumption of cannabis at a designated spot. The town has not yet acted to create such a place or create any rules that prohibit cannabis consumption. The law did not provide a timeline for implementing public consumption sites. Some officials in Greenwich officials are hesitant to allow for the smoking of cannabis anywhere where tobacco is not allowed to be consumed. According to CT Insider, nineteen municipalities have enough residents to trigger the location of a public consumption site. Some municipalities prefer to simply let cannabis be consumed anywhere that tobacco is also allowed.

Not every community is behind. The City of Milford does have a place for adults to consume cannabis legally. It’s located at the intersection of Roses Mill Road and Boston Post Road across the street from DiBella’s Subs. The spot, in plain sight of vehicles driving on Route-1 South, is marked by a sign that reads “permitted cannabis consumption area, please stay within 15 feet of sign.” Cannabis use is permitted within that area but when outside of that sanctioned spot cannabis use can result in $50 fine.

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