Patients in Connecticut facing product shortages

Connecticut patients facing persistent supply issues at some dispensaries

Medical marijuana supply issues continue to plague patients in Connecticut ever since the launch of adult-use cannabis sales, a disappointment to those who rely on cannabis to treat their symptoms. WFSB and NBC Connecticut both ran stories in the past few days highlighting the growing number of patients that are having difficulty finding the products and strains they need. According to reporting from WFSB, Fine Fettle with locations in Newington, Stamford, and Willimantic has acknowledged that the medical menu has shrunk at their locations. The company is asking the producers and the Department of Consumer Protection to ramp up production to meet the demand. Other facilities such as CT Pharma claim that they are not facing any disruption. Patients that went on camera did share their frustration being unable to obtain certain products or strains in the recent weeks. The Department of Consumer Protection won’t say whether there is an official shortage but is continuing to monitor the supply of cannabis products according to a statement. Recreational purchases of cannabis are currently limited to 7 grams or its equivalent per transaction in Connecticut.

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