Illicit THC sales are discovered in Connecticut vape shops

Connecticut AG puts a stop to additional Delta8 dealers

Attorney General William Tong recently announced another investigation that uncovered the illicit sale of cannabis products at vape shops in Connecticut. Attorney General Tong says that he is preparing to take legal action against three Stamford vape shops for allegedly violating the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act. Stamford police confiscated thousands of THC products that were found hidden in ceiling tiles and fake electrical panels. On Twitter Attorney General Tong published a video clip where he speaks out about the danger of these unregulated and untested products. In February Attorney General Tong took action against other vape shops who were also selling unregulated cannabis products in packaging that mimics commercially available food products such as Oreos or Doritos.

Find the press release from Attorney General Tong here:

Find the video on Attorney General Tong’s Twitter here: