MMJ BioPharma Cultivation must refile in another court or work out their differences the DEA

Court denies plea from Rhode Island cannabis research group

MMJ BioPharma Cultivation Inc is facing another setback after a Rhode Island Judge dismissed their lawsuit against the DEA. The company sued the DEA back in April claiming that the agency had delayed the issuance of their permit as an importer and bulk manufacturer of marijuana for research purposes. According to reporting from Bezinga, court documents claim that the DEA inspected the MMJ BioPharma Cultivation facility in October 2021. No further action has been taken. Company representatives have said that these delays are preventing them moving forward with their plan to formulate therapies for individuals with multiple sclerosis and Huntington’s disease.

The case was ultimately dismissed because of a lack of subject matter jurisdiction. In her order United States District Court Mary McElroy told MMJ BioPharma Cultivation that the First Circuit has the jurisdiction to handle this case. The company may or may not choose to file another lawsuit at this point. In a statement to Law360 the President of MMJ BioPharma Cultivation says that conversations between the company and the DEA are ongoing.

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