Maridose receives approval from DEA

DEA approves Maine facility for federal cannabis research

Maridose has been granted a federal license from the DEA to cultivate cannabis in Brunswick Maine. According to the announcement Maridose is now one of only seven companies that has been authorized nationwide to cultivate and manufacture marijuana products for research purposes. According to the press release Maridose founder Richard Shain described this approval as the culmination of over five years of work. The license enables Maridose to legally sell a number of cannabis products to researchers and DEA-licensed pharmaceutical companies in the United States.

For over 50 years the University of Mississippi was the only federally sanctioned marijuana cultivation facility designated for federal research purposes. In 2021 the DEA announced that they would begin reviewing new applications to cultivate marijuana for research purposes. Maridose is the first applicant to be licensed for one of these facilities in New England.

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