Five businesses being sued for selling delta-8 in Connecticut

Connecticut sues five businesses over selling delta-8

Connecticut’s Attorney General has announced that his office is cracking down on the sale of Delta-8 THC at stores across the state. Attorney General Tong sent out a letter to inform vape shops and other retailers that selling delta-8 THC without the proper license is a violation of Connecticut law. In a photo attached to the letter a number of delta-8 THC products obtained by the Attorney General’s office are shown, with many in packaging that resembles candy such as lifesavers, skittles, and airheads. The five businesses that are being sued for selling delta-8 products were among those selling the imitation products. This announcement came days before news broke that a letter from Dr. Terrence L. Boos at the Drug Enforcement Administration was published. The letter clarified that delta-9-THCO and delta-8-THCO are classified as Schedule I controlled substances and do not fall under the definition of hemp.

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