Rhode Island dispensary finances scrutinized after checks bounce

Dispensary raises eyebrows when check for license renewal bounces twice

Financial irregularities at the Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center, a Rhode Island cannabis dispensary, have caused the state to take a closer look into the company. An investigation began after a $500,000 license renewal check from the company bounced not once, but twice, after the state tried to deposit it. Allegations of overdue and unpaid invoices to marijuana cultivators in excess of $500,000 also started to surface. The license renewal was ultimately handled according to 12 News WPRI, but regulators are still investigating the company for a number of reasons including discrepancies in their inventory. The Slater Center chalked up the irregularities to simple bookkeeping errors and says they’re not experiencing any cash flow problems. The company has cooperated with officials and has not received a fine or any type of sanction at this point in time.

Find the full story from 12 News WPRI on their website here: https://www.wpri.com/target-12/ri-marijuana-regulators-reviewing-slater-finances-after-bounced-check-late-payments/