ZBA sued for ok'ing dispensary in Dorchester

Neighbor sues Boston ZBA for OK’ing dispensary next-door

A company on 71 Von Hillern Street in Dorchester is suing the Boston Zoning Board of Appeals for granting a conditional use permit to a recreational cannabis dispensary across the street. The First Electronics Corp (FEC) manufactures electronic components including cable and electro mechanical assemblies, as well as wire harnesses. A dispensary is proposing to locate their business directly across the street from FEC. In most cases FEC makes cables that are used in US military branches. In their complaint FEC says that Von Hillern Street street is narrow dead end road that is not suited for a marijuana dispensary. FEC even claims that having a cannabis establishment so close to their business could significantly impair their “ability to secure government and defense contracts”.

CNA Stores was given approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals to move forward with the project after a hearing in June. At the hearing on June 7th a representative for CNA stores shared their plans to have seven parking spaces onsite. CNA stores is a veteran owned business that currently operates a dispensary in Haverhill and another in Amesbury.

Find the full story from Universal Hub here: https://www.universalhub.com/2022/dorchester-company-makes-cables-miltary-sues

Read the entire complaint here: https://www.universalhub.com/files/vonhillern-complaint.pdf