LEVIA Dragon Fruit Seltzer
Photograph taken by Craig Capello Photography

LEVIA makes a special flavored seltzer to celebrate summer

LEVIA is excited to share a new flavor of their popular cannabis infused seltzer just in time for summer. The flavor behind this new product is Dragon Fruit which is said to mimic the effects of LEVIA’s “Achieve” seltzer. According to the announcement sativa fans who are looking for an extra boost of energy will enjoy the fruity taste behind this dragon fruit seltzer.

The can is adorned with another masterpiece of art from Dean McKeever. McKeever is a local Massachusetts artist whose artwork was also featured on the LEVIA Pomegranate Punch and Orange Blossom seltzers. The colorful artwork includes a beautifully designed dragon making a landing on a jagged peak. The white speckled horns of the dragon resemble the flesh of dragon fruit which helps remind customers of the flavor.

Find the full press release from LEVIA here: https://levia.buzz/cannabis-tinctures-spiked-seltzers/levia-launched-the-new-limited-edition-dragon-fruit-flavor/