Releaf dispensary faces driveway drama in Natick

Driveway drama in Natick delays dispensary opening

Massachusetts voters legalized cannabis in Massachusetts over five years ago. A dispensary applicant in Natick planning to build a second driveway is running into opposition from the Planning Board. ReLeaf Alternative is planning to open at 291 Worcester Street the site of a former Papa Gino’s. ReLeaf says that the existing driveway lacks the appropriate amount of sight distance for drivers to avoid making a collision. Planning Board member Doug Landry, who is described as a planning professional, does not see the need for a second driveway and is pushing back on the idea.

According to the Natick Police Department a second driveway would not be an issue and could work to prevent traffic from building up on Route 9. Planning Board Chair Andy Meyer described the conflict as an unprecedented situation where the advice of the police and fire departments may not be as convincing as the expertise of fellow board member Doug Landry. The Planning Board voted to obtain feedback from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation on the project and scheduled a future meeting in August.

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