EO Care launches in Massachusetts

New company aims to deliver specialized cannabis healthcare

EO Care has officially launched a digital health company with an app that is designed to keep patients and providers stay connected in Massachusetts. The idea behind EO Care is to give patients access to a healthcare provider that can give them responsible, ongoing, and personalized care. The membership based service gives individuals a number of benefits including around the clock access to a provider that can create the optimal cannabis regimen and give advice on products, dosage, and frequency. The service also includes dispensary and delivery partners that provide home delivery of the clinician-recommended products in your health plan.

Dr. Ben Caplan, a Massachusetts healthcare provider that issues medical marijuana certifications, is the company’s Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer. While individuals do not need to be a registered patient to use the service the cost of a certification is included in the subscription cost. It is $249 for a one year plan or $39 each month. According to the press release former Cannabis Control Commission Chair Steve Hoffman has returned to the cannabis industry by joining the Board of EO Care. The company is currently only offering services in Massachusetts but has plans to expand to more states in the future.

Find the full press release here: https://www.bakersfield.com/ap/news/eo-launches-first-ever-digital-health-platform-offering-affordable-clinician-guided-cannabis-care/article_368bea69-e870-5000-99ea-c0e93f0ae8d8.html

Learn more by visiting EO Care’s website here: https://www.eo.care/