Quincy medical dispensary to become MariMed

MariMed looks to acquire Ermont’s Quincy facility

MariMed, which operates the Panacea Wellness dispensary in Middleborough, has announced a plan to take over the Ermont medical marijuana facility in Quincy. The transaction was permitted with court approval due to Ermont’s present situation in receivership with a court appointed receiver. Ermont opened in 2016 as one of the first medical medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts. Panacea Wellness is known for their Nature’s Heritage brand of cannabis flower and Betty’s Eddies branded cannabis edibles. According to the announcement the acquisition includes a medical and adult-use host agreement. The Quincy store is medical-only at this time with MariMed planning to expand to include adult-use in the near future.

Find the full announcement from MariMed on their website: https://ir.marimedinc.com/news-events/press-releases/detail/209/marimed-to-expand-footprint-in-massachusetts-with