Connecticut agency's enforcement division led by ex-cannabis CEO

Ex-cannabis CEO now oversees Connecticut marijuana enforcement

Jennifer Mandzuk, formerly the CEO of Theraplant, a licensed marijuana producer in Connecticut, has taken on a new role as the cannabis program manager within the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP). In this capacity, she will oversee the investigation and enforcement of state laws and regulations concerning both medicinal and recreational marijuana. According to reporting from CT News Junkie, Mandzuk stopped working at Theraplant in January. While her experience includes expanding Theraplant’s medical marijuana operations and securing a license for adult-use products, her new role has not begun without controversy. Local cannabis and hemp advocates are concerned that her ties to the industry could disproportionately benefit larger producers. To address these concerns, the DCP has clarified that Mandzuk does not have the authority to set any rules or regulations. Some advocates still concerned that cannabis executives such as Mandzuk generally potentially lack the scientific expertise needed to oversee safe cultivation and sales standards.

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