Fair Labor Division Webinars for Cannabis Industry Announced

AG hosting fair labor webinars for cannabis industry

The Fair Labor Division of the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office has announced a partnership with the Cannabis Control Commission to conduct online webinars to help businesses in the cannabis industry understand their obligations under Massachusetts law. According to the announcement the Fair Labor Division has received several complaints from cannabis industry employees who believe they were not paid for wages or other violations.

In attempt to prevent these situations from happening the Fair Labor Division is hosting three webinars and working in conjunction with the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission to host information, give an overview, and answer questions. The first webinar is on April 19th from 3pm-4pm. The second webinar will take place on June 1st between 2pm-3pm. The final webinar will happen on July 11th from 3pm-4pm. The webinar is free but registration is required.

Find the announcement and registration link for the webinars here: https://masscannabiscontrol.com/2022/04/fair-labor-division-webinar-announcement/