Fernway launches line of terpene infused joints

Fernway creates their first infused pre-roll product

Northampton based cannabis manufacturing company Fernway may be popular for their ubiquitous brand of cannabis vapes but now the company is making their very own terpene infused joints. According to the company each preroll is created with cannabis that tests 25% THC or above and gently infused with their recognizable terpene blends.

Fernway says they designed a special pre-roll experience that caters to the cannabis consumer with a luxe black ceramic tip, ultra-thin rice paper, and a freshness cork to preserve flavor. For now, the Fernway joints are available in Berry Haze, Mango, Blueberry Cake, and Berkshire Gold. Soon the Fernway flower experience will continue with the launch of premium flower line that provides consumers with a curated and high quality strains.

Find the full story from WWLP from their website here: https://www.wwlp.com/news/local-news/fernway-in-northampton-expanding-their-cannabis-company/

Additional information is available on Fernway’s website here: https://fernway.com/blog/introducing-fernway-flower-fernway-joints/