Fernway launches travel sized recyclable vape

Fernway brings recyclable travel sized vape to store shelves

Northampton based cannabis vape manufacturer Fernway has introduced a sleek and environmentally friendly new vape to the Massachusetts market. The new device called the “Traveler” is described as the ultimate pocket vape. The single use vaporizer is thin and discreet when compared to the traditional shape of a vape pen.

Fernway has also launched recycling program alongside the debut of the Traveler. The recycling program is a first-of-its-kind green initiative that empowers consumers to dispose of their finished Traveler vapes in a responsible way. Fernway hopes that this initiative can help reduce the number vapes that end up thrown away in the trash. Licensed dispensaries that sell Fernway products will have secure dropboxes for consumers to return their empty Traveler. Fernway will collect the used vape hardware and recycle the hardware through their partnership with GAIACA.

Find the full announcement on PR Newswire here: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/cannabis-brand-fernway-introduces-groundbreaking-recycling-initiative-to-accompany-new-traveler-vape-301587670.html