Budzee delivery starts soon

First delivery operator receives notice to commence operations

The Massachusetts Control Commission authorized Budzee, an adult-use delivery operator, to commence operations beginning April 5, 2022. The delivery operator license allows Budzee to make wholesale purchases of cannabis products from product manufacturers and cultivators. After curating the product selection customers will engage directly with Budzee to have their desired products delivered to their home.

This marks a milestone for Massachusetts as the Commission’s regulations require a 36-month exclusivity period for Certified Economic Empowerment Applicants and Social Equity Program Participants to obtain delivery licenses. The 36-month exclusivity period officially begins now that the first Delivery Operator has received its notice to commence operations. General applicants could apply for delivery operator licenses as soon as April 1, 2025.

Budzee is located in Easthampton according to their website and social media they plan to offer statewide cannabis delivery. According to Budzee’s website and social media deliveries will begin in the Easthampton, Southampton and Northampton. Easthampton delivery hours are from 9am-10pm, Northampton & Southampton hours are 9am-9pm.

The delivery operator license was a result of strong advocacy by advocates and leadership on the part of the Commission. The Commission does have the power to extend the delivery exclusivity period. A least eight months before the end of the exclusivity period the Commission will begin evaluating data to determine whether the goals of the exclusivity period have been met.

For more information check out the Commission’s tweet authorizing Budzee to commence operations here: https://twitter.com/MA_Cannabis/status/1509981994448531463

For more information about Budzee and their delivery company, visit their website here: https://budzee.com/