Former CEO sues Theraplant cannabis company in Connecticut

Former Theraplant CEO turned state worker sues former employer over severance

Jennifer Mandzuk, a former CEO at Theraplant and current cannabis program manager at the Department of Consumer Protection, has filed a lawsuit against her previous employer, claiming she is owed $375,000 in severance. Mandzuk alleges that Theraplant breached their employment agreement by not providing her and another former CEO, Dan Emmans, with 12 months’ severance after their resignations for just cause. The lawsuit accuses Theraplant of making false promises regarding severance payments and also raises issues pertaining to unfulfilled bonus promises and the inability to sell shares.

The Department of Consumer Protection has clarified that Mandzuk’s current position does not involve cases related to Theraplant. The department has taken steps to maintain integrity and ensure that there is no conflict of interest by assigning an alternate supervisor to handle any matters related to Theraplant. Mandzuk filed the lawsuit on July 17, only a few weeks after starting her new role on June 23. Despite the ongoing legal issue, the Department of Consumer Protection has stated that they were made aware of the situation when Mandzuk notified her supervisor upon filing the suit, and affirmed that disclosure of potential litigation is not required during the state employment application process.

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