Future cannabis lotteries on hold in Connecticut

Future cannabis lotteries paused in Connecticut

Connecticut regulators will that the state will not be opening a new round of lotteries for cannabis licenses for the time being. According to reporting from CT Insider, there are several bills before the legislature that could affect the lottery and licensing process. As a result, regulators are waiting until the end of the legislation to entertain the idea of a new lottery for cannabis licenses. One proposal currently before the legislature would tackle the issue of limiting the number of applications that one company can submit as a part of the lottery. In previous lotteries questions arose about the process after some companies spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to submit hundreds of applications in the lottery. While Connecticut has equity provisions in their cannabis law some critics have lamented the lack of equity in the current process.

Find the full story from CT Insider on their website here: https://www.ctinsider.com/cannabis/article/marijuana-lottery-connecticut-17906506.php