Root & Bloom launches partnership with Gentlemen Smugglers

Gentleman Smugglers enter the legal cannabis market in Massachusetts

There’s a new cannabis brand in Massachusetts that is building off of the legacy of a group of smugglers and king-pins who trafficked cannabis back in the 1970’s and 80’s. The brand, called Gentlemen Smugglers, is the same nickname that the authorities used to refer to group of non-violent men who became some of the largest marijuana smugglers on the east coast of the United States.

Barry “Flash” Foy is co-founder of the Gentlemen Smugglers line which is working together with Massachusetts cannabis company Root & Bloom in Salisbury Massachusetts. Barry and his close associates helped to bring nearly 250 tons of cannabis to the east coast. Barry spent 11 years in prison for leading such a large cannabis trafficking operation.

The product comes in both pre-rolls and raw flower with the choice of “High Tide”, a sativa-leaning strain for the daytime & “Low Tide” an indica leaning strain that helps you relax at night. Gentlemen Smugglers is giving back by donating a portion of their sales to The Last Prisoner Project, a non-profit dedicated towards releasing individuals who remain in prison today for cannabis charges.

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