Gifting rules now law in Connecticut

“Gifting” restrictions become law in Connecticut

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont signed a new law that puts rules in place around the gifting of cannabis. According to lawmakers who supported the bill say that cannabis may still be gifted between individuals so long as no payment is involved. The new rules make it clear that cannabis can not gifted, sold, or transferred in exchange for any kind of donation. This includes with the purchase of an event ticket, goodie bag, or swag bag.

The new law comes after “High Bazaar” held large events that allegedly included cannabis gifting that raised eyebrows. Hamden officials had to take High Bazaar to court to end the events. The law gives municipalities the ability to impost a $1,000 fine on individuals who violate the new rules. The first draft of the bill had proposed a $10,000 fine or a penalty of up to one year in prison.

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