Governor Ned Lamont appoints new Commissioner to oversee cannabis industry

Connecticut’s new cannabis czar appointed by Governor

Days before Connecticut’s recreational cannabis sales were set to start the Commissioner of the state Department of Consumer Protection announced their intention to step down. Governor Ned Lamont has now chosen a replacement to lead the agency in charge of overseeing that businesses are engaged in fair business practices. Bryan Cafferelli who currently serves as legal counsel of the Connecticut Senate Republican Office will now lead the Department of Consumer Protection which also has authority over the adult-use cannabis industry.

Cafferlli has experience in as a drug control attorney within the department between April of 2017 and January of 2019. Governor Ned Lamont said that Cafferelli is experienced working in state government, dedicated to protecting consumers, and making it easier for those who are interested to interact with regulators. Cafferlli won’t be starting the job quite yet, the Governor’s must first be forwarded to the General Assembly for its consideration.

Find the full announcement from Governor Ned Lamont’s office here: