CBD store faces break-ins

CBD store recovers from recent break-in and shooting

Brian Vertefeuille is the owner Greenleaf Farms which operates several CBD stores in Connecticut. According to Norwich police two individuals recently broke in through the front window of his store and stole merchandise. The company also had shots fired at their Bridgeport store in recent weeks. Vertefeuille believes that his stores are being targeted because of the misconception that the stores sells marijuana. “Everyone thinks that since weed is legal now and that it’s good and legal for you to consume, CBD shops are selling it and that’s not the case at all,” said Vertefeuille.

Bags of raw hemp flower were likely stolen because of their resemblance to bags of marijuana. The hemp products contain less than .3% of THC which makes it unappealing to those who want to get high. Marijuana is legal for adult-use in Connecticut but dispensaries have not yet opened. Vertefeuille hopes to prevent future incidents by making it clear that his store is not a marijuana dispensary and that the products he offers are different. Police are still searching for the suspects involved in this break-in.

Find the full story from Fox61 here: https://www.fox61.com/article/news/local/new-london-county/norwich/cbd-shop-owner-believes-stores-being-targeted/520-6aa0f2f5-9572-40aa-b344-c31a1ab784e0