Maine brings Happi to cannabis market

Maine gets Happi cannabis infused beverages

Cannabis consumers in Maine can enjoy a new cannabis infused beverage that will be on dispensary shelves around Labor Day. The Happi cannabis infused seltzer brand that started in Michigan in 2021 is coming to Maine. Customers can choose between Lime Wild Mint, Lemon Elderflower, Raspberry Honeysuckle, and Pomegranate Hibiscus flavored beverages. Each drink has different amounts of THC ranging from 2.5mg to 10mg for of THC per serving. The ingredients are vegan, all-natural, and less than 25 calories per can.

The Happi beverage is being produced in Maine by CannaNectar Canning Co., which operates in Thomaston, Maine. According to the announcement the drink will debut at select dispensaries in Maine including Cannabis Cured, Silver Therapeutics, and Venus and Mars.

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