Maura Healey opposed recreational marijuana in 2016

Healey: “Wouldn’t say that I regret” opposing legal marijuana

Seven years after publicly detailing her opposition to the legalization of recreational marijuana Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey told Jim Braude of Greater Boston on GBH News that she does not regret her stance on the 2016 ballot initiative.

The Attorney General, now candidate for Governor, said that at the time in 2016 her opposition came from a concern about the effect legal marijuana would, “have on young people with respect to use, with respect to addiction, with respect to mental health.”

Since then Healey has committed herself to “put equity as a lens on everything” and noted that her appointees to the Cannabis Control Commission have been social justice advocates. This is part of her focus to ensure that the benefits of legal marijuana go to individuals in communities that have been disproportionately impacted by what she called an, “ill-guided war on drugs.”

Watch the full interview from GBH News: