NETA announces Best Dirty Lemonade 50mg drink

High-Dose ‘Best Dirty Lemonade’ Stands Out in Massachusetts Market

Omari Anderson’s cannabis-infused “Best Dirty Lemonade” is adding another level of unique value in the Massachusetts’s cannabis market through its partnership with New England Treatment Access (NETA). While most adult-use product manufacturers in the state are limited to a THC cap of 5mg per drink, this high-dose beverage boasts approximately 50mg of THC in each 12-ounce bottle. NETA made the announcement in an email to those signed up to their newsletter. With this option they plan to cater specifically to patients who need higher doses by leveraging Massachusetts regulations which don’t limit THC levels for medical marijuana products. If you’re a medical marijuana patient in Massachusetts it looks like “Best Dirty Lemonade” has got your back.

Learn more about the “Best Dirty Lemonade” product release via the NETA website here: