Second legalization bill passes in New Hamsphire house

Medical homegrow and legalization bills advance in NH

After passing a bill that would legalize cannabis in February that would impose a tax system and create a regulatory framework to control the industry, New Hampshire lawmakers have now passed an alternate bill that does’t contain those restrictions. The bill introduced by Representative Kevin Verville would simply remove marijuana from New Hampshire’s list of prohibited substances. According to a post from the Tenth Amendment Center the bill, HB360, received 210 votes in favor and 160 votes in opposition. The proposal moves onto the New Hampshire Senate where cannabis bills normally die.

New Hampshire Representatives also passed a bill that would allow medical marijuana patients and their caregivers to grow their supply of cannabis. Democratic Representative Wendy Thomas introduced bill HB 431 that permit the cultivation of up to three mature plants, three immature plants, and twelve seedlings at a primary residence. The bill resembles the attempt made in 2019 that was vetoed by Governor Sununu and did not have the required two-thirds support in both chambers to be overriden.

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