Caroline's Cannabis Hopedale Delivery

Caroline’s Cannabis wants to expand to home delivery

Caroline Frankel is asking officials in Hopedale to approve her proposal to expand her cannabis business. Caroline’s Cannabis currently operates as an adult-use cannabis dispensary at 4 Charlesview Road and would like to obtain a manufacturing license and delivery courier license. Caroline told the Hopedale Select Board that the manufacturing license would only be used to create a house brand of infused pre-rolls.

The delivery courier license would allow Caroline’s Cannabis to deliver products directly from their retail store to a customer’s residence. Home delivery of adult-use cannabis is limited to municipalities that allow retail cannabis sales or have opted-in to allow cannabis deliveries to occur within their community. According to the Town Administrator the site is zoned properly for this expansion but the business must obtain a special permit.

Town Counsel and the attorney for Caroline’s Cannabis will begin working on language to amend the existing host agreement. Before the business can begin operations it must also have a community outreach meeting to introduce the plan to residents and answer any questions.

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