Cannabis hot chocolate in Massachusetts

Cannabis hot cocoa for a cold day now in Massachusetts

Residents in New England can expect to bundle up inside their homes while the cold and stormy winter season is underway. Thankfully, cannabis company MariMed, which operates the Panacea Wellness dispensary in Middleborough, wants to help cannabis consumers stay warm and toasty this winter with a new and innovative product. The “Bubby’s Baked” full spectrum cannabis hot cocoa is made with royal dutch cocoa and contains ten servings, each with 5mg of THC. If you enjoy cannabis edibles and hot cocoa this is just the kind of sweet treat you might want to and enjoy on a snowy day. Bubby’s Baked is also known for their soft and chewy bites in snicker doodle, chocolate chip, and brownie flavors.

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Image credit: (Coffee Geek – Starbucks)