Five New INSA Strains Have Dropped

INSA debuts five new “413” strains

INSA is bringing five new strains to the Massachusetts cannabis market. Each strain name begins with 413 which is a dedication to the area code of Springfield Massachusetts and surrounding towns surrounding the INSA facility. The new strains will first be released as pre-rolls to give customers an affordable way to try it out. The strains took years to develop according to the announcement.

413 Concord Grape, 413 Runtz, 413 Razzberry Budino, 413 Papi Runtz, and 413 Ice Pop are the newly released strains.

  • 413 Concord Grape is a cross of Grape Gasoline and Runtz. This strain is described as having intense notes of grape, bubblegum, and gas.
  • 413 Runtz is a mix of Gelato 45 and Runtz that has a loud and tasty terpene profile with notes of grape, fruit, candy, and gas.
  • 413 Razzbery Budino is a mix of OGKB 2.0 and Runtz described as having notes of raspberry, cookie dough, and cream.
  • 413 Papi Runtz is a cross of Papaya and Runtz with a fruity yet gassy flavor profile described as a grand slam of heavy hitting potency and terpenes.
  • 413 Ice Pop is a cross of Runtz and Ice Cream Bean which is described as a deliciously fruity hybrid.

For more information about these new strains by visiting INSA’s website: