Montel Williams meet and greet

Montel Williams is visiting ten MA dispensaries this April

Television host Montel Williams will be in Massachusetts from April 9th and April 14th to visit multiple dispensaries, meet his fans, and educate the community on his newly launched product line. “Inspire by Montel” is launching a brand of varying ratio of THC/CBD 1 gram vape carts. The vapes will be produced exclusively by Freshly Baked Company. Freshly Baked is a veteran owned cannabis microbusiness and the first cannabis delivery operator on the East Coast. A microbusiness can be either a tier 1 cultivator or manufacturer, or both, that may not purchase more than 2,000 pounds of marijuana per year wholesale from other marijuana establishments.

Montel’s tour will touch almost every corner of Massachusetts. His journey will start on Saturday April 9th at Pure Oasis from 5pm-8pm. Guests can also learn from and meet the Freshly Baked Co-Founders Jenny Roseman and Philip Smith will be attending the pop-ups with Montel.

To find the list of dates and times that Montel might be in your neighborhood, check out the announcement on Freshly Baked Company’s Instagram here: