Members of Joint Committee on Cannabis Policy chosen in Massachusetts

Massachusetts lawmakers chosen to sit on Cannabis Committee

While other states have already held hearings on bills that deal with marijuana, Massachusetts is just now deciding which lawmakers will serve on the Joint Committee on Cannabis Policy. On Wednesday afternoon it was announced that Senator Adam Gomez was chosen as the Senate Chair, with Senator Robyn Kennedy serving as Vice Chair. Senators Eldrige, Moran, and Payano were also named to the Committee. The House released its list the next day. Those assigned to the cannabis committee include Representative Daniel Donahue who was chosen to lead as House Chair for a second session and Representative Bob Consalvo who will serve as Vice-Chair. Representative Saunders, Garry, Sousa, Shand, Capano, Howard, and Cruz were also chosen to serve on the Committee.

Find the full roster of lawmakers chosen to serve on the Joint Committee of Cannabis Policy here: